Vine Expo @ Bourdeax

June 4th, 2015

We successfully procured the representative of Hine and Meukow in France.

Launched in Jakarta Duty Free Shop

We resoundingly launched our prestigious OEM wine Chilena and Ngew Dino at Jakarta duty free shop.

Sponsorship for Spot SG50

SpotSG50™ facilitates the sharing of meaningful photos and memories tracking our Nation’s progress over the past 50 years. It allows users to spot items or objects (not people) within the last 50 years capture it and then upload the photo onto the app, and to get as many people as possible to ‘Like’ it.    you may enjoy our wine by joing this activity.

Internship @ California


My name is John, I was so lucky to have change to go Napa Valley in California representing EPL to receive wine study. The year was amazing and fruitfull.

F Vodka Party

September 24th 2010

F Vodaka @Stereo Lounge

Jim Bean Party

March 21st 2009

Jim Bean Party @ Bintan

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