Privacy Policy


EPL Alliance’s principal is to develop a long term and favourable relationship with our clients; it treasures its customers and would not share any clients’ information with other colleagues. Kindly have a look our brief privacy policy.


1, Sharing, selling and renting clients’ personal details would never happen to EPL Alliance;


2, For Singapore non-business hours, or at the moment of system is off-line, leaving requires and information on order category is encouraged, in order to have the package shipped to the business address to insure fast, interruption-free delivery. EPL would use the information to process orders, communicate with clients on special offers, decide on colour preference such as red, white or mixed, as well as reply any questions or address with the orders.  


3, For those logistic and related companies who may concern clients information such address, contact details even credit card payment information, they would not allowed to retain, share or use for other purpose under law.


4, EPL Alliance would values any business and will never release any account information to third parties for any purpose other than those mentioned above.


5, Secure Shopping Cart Software would be run to protect customers’ credit card and identity from being stolen by unscrupulous web elements. Accordingly, necessary industry-standard safeguard will be used.


6, Cookies would be record when any business activities occurred on EPL Alliance website. By cookies, it is able to differentiate clients from other shoppers so every shopping cart is only available individually. A Cookie is statists saved on system’s hard drive with information that relates directly to any visiting to this website. Any information regarding to cookies are only accessible to EPL Alliance.

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