Vino Fernandez


Based on the diversity of the Chilean “terroirs”, Vino Fernandez combines the best characteristics from the most important areas to create a well balanced, consistent and unique wine.  Therefore Vino Fernandez varietals and blend wines are all “Central Valley”, a higher classification that involves all major wine areas in the central area of Chile. This is an innovative winemaking approach, a new concept with a strong technical base.

the climate allows slow and constant ripening of the

grapes high exposure to sunlight; proximity to ocean allow cooler winds during the day, proximity to mountains produces wide variation of night and day temperatures.

This wine of lovely bright yellow color offers crisp fruity aroma and good acidity. An ideal accompaniment to fish and seafood or as aperitif.

Central Valley Chile

Chardonnay 2013

The wine has a lovely and shine green-yellow colour. In the nose, the wine is extremely fresh, with dominant notes of citric and flowers. The mouth is clean, fresh, with medium body and interesting persistence.

Central Valley Chile

Sauvignon Blanc 2013

Intense violet red color, youthfull, full aroma  of red fruits and hints of earth and flowers. In the mouth its fruitiness and soft tannins stand out. The finish is soft and pleasant.

Central Valley Chile 

Merit 2013

It has an intense violet color dominated by mature red fruits, herbs and spicy aromas. In the mouth, it has medium body, with rounded tannis, combining it fruitiness with interesting notes of pepper and bitter chocolate.  Easy to drink wine offers great soft flavours with a pleasant finish.

Central Valley Chile

Cabernet Sauvignon 2013

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