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About Us

EPL Alliance was established in 2003 in Singapore as a Dedicated Wines and Spirits Exporter. During the time our overseas representation is confined to certain countries in Asia. But throughout the years, EPL had Achieved tremendous success in the trade and managed to emerge as significant player with an established portfolio of International Wines & Spirits agencies for ASEAN and other emerging markets in the Asia Region.

Our Expansion plans in recent years have also seen us progressing from a one – stop International distributor for international brands, establishing our own brands of wines and moving into frozen poultry business.

Our own brands of wine such as: Vino Fernandaz Chilean Wine, Grand Jacques French Wine, Ngew Dino Italy Moscato and Chilean 7 Gran Reserve wines have seen successful feedback and growth in the region.

With Knowledge of the local condition and demand from different region developed gradually, EPL Alliance has expanded its business hub from Singapore to Hong Kong, Indonesia-Jakarta and Malaysia-Johor and Indochina. These business hubs were meant to provide efficient transactions with products ranging from Beers, Cognac to Premium fine wines such as Penfolds to be ready available at necessary times to meet the needs and demand from the clienteles.

Today EPL Alliance Pte Ltd is a conglomerate of 7 other subsidiary companies in Asia with significant presence in most Asia countries.

In summary, EPL Alliance is constantly seeking new business venture, brand building and product development to explore the frontiers and further expand into it.

If you are interested in any of our products in our portfolio which appeal to your clienteles, please let us know and contact us via email in the contact column.

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